be prepared with an
emergency action plan

Developing a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

When a crisis arises, minimizing the response time is critical and any delay can have significant and even fatal implications.

In today’s global environment and day to day realities, it is imperative for every company or facility to have planned for the worst-case scenario and be prepared to the best ability for any emergency.
Ultimo Medical Management consultants understand the scope of emergency response, EAP (Emergency Action Plan’s) and as it relates to every individual facility (as it is also critical to understand no two plans will be alike).
We are here to understand every facet of emergency management, detailed audit of your current situation, to presenting action plans, training, and relative Gear/Equipment requirements. Customized for your environment, location, and business model.

Helping you develop a more effective, efficient & safer Emergency Response Plan…..

Our team can help you develop easy-to-follow procedures to address emergency situations including:

We work to identify the emergencies most likely to impact your organization and create an emergency action plan that is customized to your risks and response needs.

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