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    IR Thermometer Non-Contact


    Non-contact infrared thermometer.

    Limited Special Offer….(While Stock lasts.)

  • Pocket 1st Aid Kit


    Designed by leading first aid experts to contain the exact first aid contents required should you need to perform CPR in an emergency situation, this little KIT can help you save a life.

    In addition to its careful selection of essential items, this KIT contains CPR instructions to support your first aid training.

  • Snake Bite Kit


    Complete with all the first aid contents you need to assist in the onsite treatment of a venomous snake or Funnel-web spider bite, this KIT also contains lifesaving instructions on correct snake bite bandage technique.

    Make the smart choice. Don’t go exploring without one.

  • Survival Compact 1st Aid Kit


    Portable & Compact for on the go use

    For Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Mountaineering, Caving or Endurance Races
    Featuring Bandaids, tape, dressings, CPR mask, splinter probes & cleaning wipes

  • Survival Handy 1st Aid Kit


    The SURVIVAL Handy First Aid KIT is a small but serious first aid KIT — easy to carry, pack and store – allowing you to respond to any kind of emergency.

    Ideal for adventurers, day trippers or weekend warriors, this Handy First aid KIT fits perfectly into handbags, sports bags, day packs, backpacks, rucksacks, child strollers or baby prams.

  • Vehicle First Aid Kit


    The SURVIVAL Vehicle First Aid KIT has been designed with weight and space in mind, without compromising any of the items on your motorist first aid checklist.

    Even more compact than the SURVIVAL Home First Aid KIT, find out why our customers have reviewed this auto first aid KIT as ‘the best first aid KIT for cars anywhere in Australia’.

    Don’t leave home without one.