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We help save lives by preparing people for the reality of emergency situations.
Scenario based learning

Ultimo Medical Simulation Training

First aid (especially in remote areas) is a big deal in today’s society.

The potential to develop a ground-force of trained first aiders for response to accidents and emergencies has never been greater. Theory bases training is primary, but alongside this Simulation learning will equip them with true reactionary skills to immediately performance. 

Ultimo medical drives simulation-based first aid &/or ERP training (Learning) that is essentially transforming the way First Aid & emergency Reaction plans should be presented.

Simulation-based first aid &/or ERP training, or ‘learning by doing’ empowers the learner from all walks of life to be confident and ready for emergency response the moment training is complete.

Ultimo Medical, founded by driven individuals with backgrounds in emergency response and education. Our commitment to improving first aid knowledge and skills retention for everyday individuals (especially those in remote locations) resulted in simulation-based first aid &/or ERP training, where practice really does make perfect.

Ultimo Medical training is in demand all around South Africa and it’s boarder countries.

First aid and CPR response training outcomes have improved dramatically, due to portable devices (defibrillators and adrenaline auto-injectors etc.), but high-risk emergencies aren’t an everyday occurrence, but having assistance and expertise on hand really can make the difference between life and death.

The simulation-based first aid training difference:

Ultimo Medical, first aid, CPR & ERP training stands out from the competition. When realistic simulation-based training is delivered thorough all First Aid based courses and most importantly as a Primary Standalone based training (learning) structure.

We use only the most knowledgeable and experienced South African paramedics, & medical emergency responders.

The information is deeply immersed and easily recalled by the learner, whenever needed.

Simulation training encourages course participants to develop natural emergency response capabilities in a safe environment, using techniques (listed below), ability to truly experience the external pressure and have sound guidance from instructor(s) on hand.

Techniques used:

Simulation-based training is ideal in the workplace. With the key advantage of including identifying workplace hazards, minimising risks and even the establishment to the correct location of on-site first aid gear / equipment and/or facilities.

Furthermore, having Course participants benefit by learning in a familiar environment where they may be expected to provide emergency assistance / first aid etc., will present total familiarization of where the relative Gear & Equipment required is located, who and what team are located to assist and having control of the relative support within their location (immediate area).

Simulated emergency response practice is 100% suitable for newcomers to first aid / ERPs, along with professionals who need to improve their knowledge and skill set.

A few hours of committed simulation first aid &/or ERP training delivered by Ultimo Medical progressive training company, results in peace of mind and the reduction of potential life threatening situations within your organization.

Ultimo Medical Simulation-based training, is:

We present very basic level simulation to advance courses in all types of environment, with a strong element of practical observation, activities and repetition to create a automated response by the learners.

Simulation based learning is an experiential learning tool, that can finely hone skills (Advanced or basic), develop critical thinking, problem-solving and perhaps most importantly behavioural change to a potential emergency situation.  

You will not forget you skills learnt……
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